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burn my shadow away

Today I stopped by a local antique store and found a table to use for my sewing table. I (or rather my mother) put down a small down payment. I’m waiting on my pay to come in and when it does I’ll go back there and pick up the table. I’m very excited. It’s nothing fancy but it’s exactly what I wanted.

The room is almost cleared out so I can start setting it up but the heat has made it incredibly hard to do anything. I was supposed to go visit my best friend this weekend but she decided to get really sick. Since this means I’ll be home instead of away yet again, I am hoping that the room will get done this weekend.

I still have to make curtains. I have them half cut out. It might be a good idea to make them before the quilt along starts huh?

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I present to you, the sewing room!

These are the before photos. I was away last week and I’m going away for a week tomorrow so I won’t be able to start working towards “after” until I get back. I’m very excited.


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Finders Keepers

I had been looking for a small shelving unit for what will eventually be my sewing room. I had thought an old spice pantry would be perfect but I hadn’t really seen anything. The other day while my mother and I were looking for something else in the tool shed, I saw this wooden shelving unit. I asked about it and we hauled it out. It’s not 100% what I wanted but it’s certainly more than adequate. What makes it even better is that my great grandfather made it. There’s also a magazine rack that he made.

Tonight I bought some paint and I sanded down the shelving unit, though I didn’t sand it down all the way. I don’t care if it’s not perfect, I’d like it to still look a little “rough”. I put on a coat of paint and it’s back in the tool shed drying. Tomorrow I’ll put on another coat and hopefully that will do. I’ll probably wash down, sand and put a coat of paint on the magazine rack as well.

If I ever get there, my sewing room is going to be pretty awesome.

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Weekend Project: Thread Holder

A lot has been going on and I haven’t had the chance to post about this project but better late than never. I mentioned awhile back that I was going to make the thread holder from this tutorial. Well, not only did I make one, I made two!

When I went to buy some peg board, it only came in a really big piece. I had the guy at the hardware store cut it in two but, of course, I had to buy the whole thing. I ended up making one thread rack for myself and then another for my best friend.

The tutorial on Sugar Bee is great but I wanted to go through what I did because I did the whole thing myself and so can you!

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Building a mystery

I have a small gripe. Often I’ve seen some really cool tutorials for building things for your sewing room and they consistently say things like “I got my husband to do this part.” Super. Maybe your husband should write the tutorial. Some of us don’t have husbands (and some do have husbands who are not handy) and it would be really helpful to have directions for the part you pawned off on your husband! By all means, pawn it off, but at least ask him to explain what he did so you can include that in your tutorial.

Back in December, I think it was, I bought a drill. Apart from a hammer and a screwdriver, this was my first real tool. I got drill bits too. Then I realized what I really wanted was screwdriver bits so I went out and bought those. Now the other day I came across a tutorial for building a thread rack and I thought, hey, why don’t I do that? Of course the husband did all the cutting so I was left slightly perplexed. What is a single girl to do?

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