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Long Live The Geek!

As I was jotting down fabric requirements to bring with me to the fabric store I realized that I was wasting my time and not using the wonderful nerdy resources at my finger tips.

I have this program called Bento. It’s amazing. I love it. Now, if you were inclined you could simply make spreadsheets but Bento has the bonus of being visually pleasing. It also exists as an app for the iPhone. So here’s what I’m in the process of doing.

I created a new Bento library. I called it “Sewing Patterns iPhone”. This library will be synced to my phone. I created a template that exists of a title of the pattern, the pattern designer, sizes (if relevant), the category (for example, handbag or baby shoes), a required materials list, a photo of the finished product and a section to write down any suggested materials.

The purpose of this library is so that I don’t need to jot things down on scrap paper. This way, if I’m in the fabric store and I want to make a certain item, I can just open Bento on my phone and look up what I need to make that pattern. The added bonus of having it on my phone is that I can see a photo of the finished product which at times is really helpful in deciding what materials I want to use.

I’ve downloaded many sewing apps but the problem is I don’t have the ease of adding the content via my laptop and simply syncing it up to put the information on my phone. Bento isn’t free of course but it’s worth every penny in my opinion. I took a couple of screen captures so I could share what it looks like.

Bento is really easy to use and fully customizable. It comes with several templates and the website has a section where you can browse and download many other user-submitted templates. I’ve submitted a couple in my time and I’m submitting this one as well. It’s a very simple template but it’s useful for me and I’m guessing probably will be for others as well.

Unfortunately for Windows users, Bento is strictly a Mac program as far as I know. That said, you can certainly use the iPhone version if you have an iPhone, you don’t need to have the desktop version, you just won’t be able to sync up with your computer.

This is what happens when a techno-geek is also a sewing-geek!


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