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Trials and Tribulations

I got new eyes for Rebekah so I decided to swap them out and I took some photos of her.  Looking at the photos I realized the eyes weren’t positioned right and she just looked startled in all of them.

I tried to fix them but they have a little nub on the back and it hits against the hook inside her head and won’t go where I want them to go.  I cut off the nub on one but continued to have problems so I decided to put her old eyes back in and look for flat backed eyes for her instead.

That’s when I dropped her face first on the bathroom floor.  She’s actually fine but my nerves are not.  Why did I have her with the back of her head off, futzing with her eyes in the bathroom you ask?  Because I’m an idiot…

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Doll Talk

After my experience with Aidolls (Custom House) and reading about really long wait times and order mix-ups with Latidoll, I will admit, I was worried.  It turns out I didn’t need to be.  My Lati Yellow Lea shipped within the time frame they gave on the site and when she arrived she was exactly as I’d ordered her.

Now when my little UU arrived she was loose in a big box, wrapped in bubble wrap.  Ditto on the head they sent later, with the eyes not even placed nor any putty to attach them.

In my excitement I didn’t get any unboxing photos for Lea.  The difference, however, was very apparent.  First off there was a pretty blue Latidoll box inside the shipping box.  Upon opening that box I didn’t see a loose doll bouncing around but rather a well wrapped doll on top of pillows with a plastic face protector on.  The box is divided in two parts, she was in one.  In the other were her extra hands, her wig and some extra stringing elastic.  Seriously.  I went from a naked little corpse wrapped in bubblewrap inside a huge box with nothing else (except her certificate of authenticity) to this.  I should have taken pictures but as I said, too excited.  Also, Latidoll had actually put the eyes in for me.  Mind you her head is much bigger and changing the eyes won’t be nearly as problematic as it is with the Bisou.

I adore this little girl.  She is so sweet and doesn’t kick all the time like the Bisou.  I’m a little meh on the wig as I can see the wig cap just slightly in the front and there’s a spot in the center that just doesn’t have enough hair and since the wig cap is flesh tone it just looks kind of weird.  But otherwise it’s very pretty and I love that she has long hair.

Now all that said, I don’t dislike the Bisou by any means.  I absolutely adore her too even if she is always kicking and even if I am having a seriously hard time finding a wig for her.

So here they are, unlikely sisters, Anne and Rebekah Jean.

Rebekah is wearing a hand crocheted dress and hat by the absolutely fabulous Leshan.  Anne is wearing a dress by the hiblythe.

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