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oh hello there

OK, so I’m probably a little too excited about this but check out the latest post on Fat Quarterly. That’s my quilt, top row, third photo (click the photo to go to the original post).

I’m honoured to have my quilt up there with all those other beautiful quilts. Thanks Fat Quarterly!

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Tragedy befalls our gentle hero

Last night I went over to a friend’s house.  I went over to teacher her and another friend how to sew.  Before I left, I had finished sewing my quilt blocks.  Hurray, I thought.  Maybe I will get caught up with the quilt along gang, I thought.  So there I am, at my friend’s house and I’m demonstrating how to wind the bobbin and I remove my foot from the pedal because it’s full now and oh what’s this?  The machine is still going.  Hmm.  I quickly shut if off and blink a few times but I continue on with the teaching and what not.  We didn’t get to any actual sewing last night because it got too late.

So now it’s this afternoon and I want to start sewing my quilt blocks.  I sit myself down, I get ready.  I turn the machine on.  I press, lightly, on the pedal.  WHIRRUSHHHHHH!  HOLY SHIT!  I stare at machine.  I blink.  I pull the fabric out, remove the thread (because it had gone off completely sideways at top speed) and go again.  Lightly, ever so lightly I touch the pedal.   WHIRRRRUSHHHHHH!  Crap.

Somehow, I still managed to sew 2 rows of blocks together and then sew those 2 rows together.  Tomorrow afternoon I’ll be taking my machine to someone to see if the pedal can be fixed or if I need a new one.  I’m hoping this doesn’t mean I’ll be without my machine for any length of time.  I’ll be quite sad if I am.  My mother said I could borrow her machine for now but it’s a bit like cheating on a lover.  It feels so wrong.

Get well soon dear sewing machine.  Hopefully I won’t fall too far behind the quilt along gang!

Oh and trying to figure out where to put each block has got to be one of the hardest things in the world!  I was not prepared for how hard that would be.  I thought trying to put the blocks together was hard.  HA!  Finally I just said screw it and how you see it in the photo below is how it’s getting put together.  It’s so hard to move even just one block because then you’ve just encountered another problem.  I don’t know that I’m thrilled but I do know that if I didn’t just say, “OK, this is it” that I would still be trying to place blocks in December!  My respect for all you quilters has just shot up again.  I don’t know how you do it and stay sane AND create beautiful quilts!

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The trouble with zippers…

Today is day one of the quilt along. I’m hoping I can start cutting the pieces tomorrow as I don’t think I’ll have a chance to do it today.

I hung my ribbon rack and started to bring some fabric into the sewing room when I realized that I have a serious issue with buying fabric. Why do I have so much fabric?! It’s insane!

Anyway, as I’m putting together this sewing room and trying to come up with attractive ways to store and display things and keep it practical so that I won’t need to go digging, I’ve come across a problem. The problem is zippers. I can’t think of a practical way to store them that keeps them accessible and neat and sorted. I know this blog doesn’t really get much traffic, at least not yet, so asking anyone out there for advice on organizing and storing zippers is probably pointless but all the same, if you’re out there and you’re reading this and you have some advice, please do share.

I’ve been Googling away trying to find a neat way to store my zippers but all I keep coming up with are sites telling me how to install a zipper or just general craft storage with no practical zipper storage advice to be found. It seems silly to make a fuss about storing zippers but I’d rather not throw them all in a little plastic container if I can help it.

Ah well, back to questioning my sanity as I sort through all this fabric. Sometime this week, once my money comes in, I’m going to buy shelves to install in the closet. I took the door off today and once the shelves are up I’ll start trying to organize all this fabric and hopefully keep it neat and accessible. I’ve seen so many great ideas for fabric storage but the ones I like best would require a bigger room than I’ve got so I’ll stick with stacks on shelves for now. Maybe I should invest in some fabric boards… If they weren’t so expensive I probably would!

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