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in progress

I sewed the lining too small so I have to redo it. Oops. Here’s a photo of my current project. One of, I guess I should say, since I have more than one thing on the go:

I also got a pattern in the mail for a tunic. Will I make the leap and attempt to sew clothes? I told my mother and she said “Your grandmother used to make clothes.” I looked at her and said, “So did you. You made those dresses.” She looked surprised and said, “You’re right and I made that coat!” She had completely forgotten. She says she never sewed like I do but that’s not true, we still have the dresses she made, at least some of them, and the coat.

Here are some photographs that I took of Krista. In the first she’s wearing the coat my mother sewed herself. In the second, she’s wearing one of the dresses my mother made. Also her bracelet was made by my great aunt.

* Photography is copyright to me, please don’t steal.

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