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Etsy listings and other craftiness

I’ve just listed some reusable snack bags in my Etsy shop. They’re quite fun to make and useful at the same time.

I also made a skirt for my Dal dolls.

I like the way it hangs on her and I think it’s a great length. It’s fully lined and closes with Velcro though I do want to start making clothes that use snaps as closures instead.

I had sand matted my Blythe “Raspberry Sorbet” doll’s face and didn’t realize her make up would come off as easily as it did so there was a slight lip incident. This weekend I repainted her lips and I think it turned out ok.

The hat she’s wearing was crocheted by my good friend Shelley. Shelley and I were roommates in university and lost touch for a few years. We reconnected and I couldn’t be happier about that. If you want to check out her Etsy shop (or contact her to make you your very own doll or child sized hat) you can find her here.

I also finished a closet for the dolls. It’s rather narrow but for now it’s a place for me to put some of their clothes. I’m waiting on more hangers though I really should figure out how to make my own.

As you can see, the tiny dollhouse is really overcrowded now. That means it’s time I start working on “Project Dollhouse”. A big house for the big dolls and that gets them out of the smaller house and I can work on decorating that up as well.

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Tiffany Twisted

An Etsy treasury I created last night.

‘Tiffany Twisted’ by svgjen

Inspired by my favourite colour and a line from Hotel California.

Tiffany Blue Rose Bloss…


White Pearl and Peruvia…


Five yards tiffany blue…


Kona Cotton Designer So…


Gift Tags – Steampunk B…


Dress and headscarf set…


Handmade Wire Wrapped B…


Czech – Iced Glass Bead…


Pray for Japan – 20% of…


Tiffany Blue Table – FR…


SALE- Pale Turquoise Ro…


Stillness – 8 x 10 pape…


Couture Vintage Car ins…


UPCYCLED Dark Robin Egg…


SALE I Have a Story to …


Polaroid Print 8×8 – Am…


Treasury tool is sponsored by Lazzia.com A/B image testing.

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New Fabric

I buy a lot of my fabric from sellers on Etsy.  While I enjoy visits to the local fabric store, the cool fabrics just aren’t there.  I know some people are really into the whole upcycling thing.  I am not.  Firstly, I can’t go into second hand clothing stores.  Within 5 minutes I’m having an asthma attack.  Secondly, it grosses me out.  I just cannot get passed how disgusting and dirty I feel after being in there.  Chalk that one up to Jew neurosis, I guess.  I don’t want to make things out of clothes strangers wore and I certainly wouldn’t ever want it on my child or make something to sell or give out of something that someone else wore.  My family has been environmental and recycled before most of the world knew the world so you’ll have to forgive me if old worn gross smelly clothes don’t make it into my fabric stash.  (No offense to those who use it, truly, it’s a hangup for me!)

Anyway, these arrived in the mail the other day.  I bought them from one of my favourite Etsy sellers, bytinster.  She’s a doll and ships so fast, her stuff often arrives before stuff being shipped within North America.  Packages of fabric always make my day a little brighter.

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