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Michelle Patterns is having a sale this weekend.  Check it out.  20% off all patterns using the code laborday.  You can get there by clicking the link on the right or by clicking here.


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You’re not the one…

Back in February I pre-ordered a limited edition doll.  I loved the photos of this doll.  He arrived today.  Yes today, that was one long wait.  I’d already had this sinking feeling when I saw other owner pictures and I’m afraid it was confirmed when I got him.  I don’t like him.  His head is way too small for his body.  I thought my JID had a tiny head but his is even smaller.  I don’t really know what to do so I’m not going to do anything for awhile.  I’ll keep him and stare at him and see if he grows on me.  If not, I suppose I’ll sell him.  I do like his body so I may just try to sell the head.  It sucks but what can you do?  I can’t even say live and learn because he wasn’t a spur of the moment decision.  I contemplated it for quite some time before finally making the purchase.  I guess more than anything he doesn’t fit in with my collection.  His little pinhead makes him look strange beside the others.  I hate the wig they sent with him but pinhead’s head is too small for any of the wigs I have.  They say he takes 7 but I don’t think so.  I’m going to measure his head myself.  Poor doll isn’t packing much below the waist either.  Not that it matters but they should keep things in proper proportion.   I’m hoping that a different wig will make a huge difference in my feelings but I’m not sure it will.

Whatever the case he can’t be part of “the crew” and that’s a problem.  I expected him to be the final member to complete them and he doesn’t work at all.  That means, if I want to complete them, I need another doll.  When I saw his promo pictures I thought he’d be so perfect I guess more than anything I’m disappointed that he doesn’t work.  He’s not ugly by any means.  He just isn’t right.  I should cry about it where other doll owners will give me virtual pats on the back but I can’t even bring myself to post in DOA and say what happened and how I feel.  Since basically no one reads this blog I’ll just kvetch here instead.  Poor me, how I suffer!


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Learning is Funtastic!

I put up a little widget over there on the left.  I decided to join Goodreads and they have a “reading challenge” where you can set a goal for however many books you want to read by the end of the year and then log them as you read them.  It’s mindless but nerdy fun. I just joined and set the goal at 20 and in that time since I’ve joined I’ve read 8 books.  To be fair several were manga and those read extremely fast.  But they’re books and they count.

I finished all of the books in the Alex Cross series and I really enjoyed it so now I’m trying to find something in a similar vein that I will be able to devour.  Summer just wouldn’t be summer without something to read in the sun!

I got a weird request to add personal information to my blog that I don’t want to add in order to not be confused with someone by the same name.  Honestly I would think my eloquent posts would actually work in anyone’s favour not against them.  Surely more so than a photo I was able to access a person pointing a gun into the face of another person.  Perhaps it’s just my giant ego talking but I hold 2 university degrees (and am working on a third), am a licensed teacher, and am able to construct sentences with proper grammar.  Who wouldn’t want to be mistaken for me?  I’m only half kidding.  I do apologize to the person in question but it was a bizarre request that I am not able to fulfill.  I do wish you luck!  There are worse things to be mistaken for than a gay manga reading, doll collecting, university graduate (twice over – did I mention that?), I’m sure!

Well, I need to put the sheets back on my bed and then I think I’ll probably read some more.  No, not gay manga!  I’m actually reading The Black Echo by Michael Connolly.  Slow build that could have potentially lost me but it’s starting to pick up now.  My attention span is not what it used to be and I need a lot of rapid action or I get bored.

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People are strange…

Yes indeed, they are.

They say time flies when you’re having fun but time seems to be flying regardless of whether or not I’m having fun.  I swear someday I’ll get my act together just not today.  Probably not tomorrow either.  But someday…  Who am I kidding?  I probably won’t!

I’m happy summer is here, well almost but the weather has gotten nice and it feels good to shake off the dust of winter.  There is nothing better than sitting outside and feeling the warm sun on my face.

But remember, always wear sunscreen!

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God of Dogs

God of Dogs (Inu no Ou)
Author: Satoru Ishihara
ISBN-13: 9781569705872
Manufacturer: Digital Manga Publishing
200 pages
Rating: Youth (16+)
Genre: Yaoi, BL
Themes: Mafia, assassins, violence, drama, action

Summary: The notoriously vicious Chinese Mafia has lost its next rightful heir…to sudden suicide! Now, the esteemed “God of Dogs” Tsai family must race against the ticking clock and hunt down the child of the deceased eldest son in order to preserve their ancient, sacred legacy.

According to Baka-Updates, this story is actually a sequel to a manga called Charisma and they say it is imperative to read Charisma first in order to understand this story. Naturally, Charisma has never been officially translated into English. I don’t know what kind of planning goes into choosing which books to translate but clearly in the case of sequels, the first book should definitely be translated.

Of course, I had no idea this was a sequel when I bought it. This explains why I felt I was dropped into the middle of a story and was utterly confused as to what was happening. There are many characters and I had a hard time keeping them straight. I went back and reread sections more than once. There is so much going on that I felt like I couldn’t keep up with the story. I’m sure, had I been able to read the Charisma first, I would have been far less confused.

The action is non-stop in this book. You are literally flying the whole time. Ok not literally, you won’t sprout any wings and take off into the sky but wow, does it ever move fast. I couldn’t help thinking this would make an excellent movie (of the live action variety though it would make a beautiful anime as well). Speaking of beauty, the art is just that, beautiful. It’s not typical to the 3 or so styles I’ve become accustom to since I began reading yaoi manga. Because it’s not the typical style it may be a turn-off for some but I found it incredibly appealing and I’m glad to have the book for that alone. The style of art reminds me of Mika Sadahiro’s Under Grand Hotel. It certainly suits the characters and story and really adds to the overall appeal of the book.

Despite the confusion and feeling like I’ve come in halfway through a movie I still enjoyed the manga. The characters are fascinating and I truly hope Charisma gets translated one day so I can have a better understanding of the story. It doesn’t end with this book either, so we’re plunked down somewhere in the middle and that’s all we get. Definitely frustrating. I’m not sure if there is another book to this series but I’d love to see where it ends (and begins). Even though it’s a full book it very much leaves you with the sense that you’ve just read a chapter ripped from the middle of a novel so if frustration isn’t your thing, you may want to skip this one. But it is clever, realistic and very interesting (not to mention very violent) so if you like that sort of thing, why not give it a shot?

It’s rated YA 16+ and is definitely suitable for teens. The story is violent but there’s no nudity and (sadly) no sex. There’s nothing that really screams yaoi in this story but there’s certainly a BL theme running through it.

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