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I’m back from my trips to Toronto and LA. I’m going to start working on my sewing room this week. Hopefully I’ll actually get to sit down and do some sewing soon too. Today I slept in way later than I intended but I hope to get back into my regular schedule tomorrow. I still need to find a table for my sewing machine though!

I’ve decided to try and do the Fat Quarterly quilt along. Hopefully I can keep up with it. I’ve got about a week so I’m going to hustle and try to get the room ready and organized so that I feel comfortable starting a project like this.

I think I should make those curtains for my sewing room too! It’s good to be back home to my sewing!

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Quilting Along

Last night was my last quilt class. I was actually kind of sad to say good-bye. I enjoyed the whole group of sewers aspect. Anyway, my quilt is nowhere near ready to be quilted. I’m still working on the blocks but I thought I’d share my WIP.

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