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The needle tears a hole…

I mentioned the Flickr pouch swap a couple of posts down.  Well I got my partner and then the panic set in.  I didn’t know what to do and nothing seemed like it would be good enough.  I actually got so stressed out I had an asthma attack and that’s really kind of funny.  I have an idea now and I’ll start working on it tomorrow.  I really hope my partner likes it.  It’s a really talented bunch in that group and I’m honored that I was asked to join the group and participate and more than a little intimidated about measuring up!

This morning I went to a hand quilting class at a local quilt shop.  I had a vague idea of what to do but I find it’s always best to have someone show you.  I had wanted to hand quilt something for a gift but I also wanted to give the gift this year so I probably won’t do that.  I will say that my aversion to thimbles has not let up.  I like looking at them but I find it nearly impossible to do any sewing with one on my finger.  It messes me up.  I can’t feel what I’m doing and I go by feel.  That said, did you know it was possible to ram the eye of a needle into your finger?  Well it is.  Luckily I didn’t get any blood on my little practice project because I’m using Kona Snow as my fabric.

I have some gifts and things that I would like to make but I also want to start creating some stock for my Etsy shop and with the Bostford Craft Bazaar in mind this December.  I don’t want to be down to the wire like last year, stressed because of all the time I wasted.  I’d really like to turn this into more than a casual hobby.  Right now I work from home (and I’m also supposed to be working on a Master’s degree).  If I could find a way to supplement what I currently make, I could relax and continue to work from home like I’ve always wanted.  I’m not naive.  I have no notions of sewing for a living.  I’d just like to make some steady sales.

Here’s to a productive tomorrow!

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Vintage Quilt by Jen Savage
Vintage Quilt, a photo by Jen Savage on Flickr.

This quilt was made by my great aunt. I really like it. It’s funny how some of the fabrics in it look like some you might find today. Everything really does circle around.

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I’m currently in the process of trying to move a LOT of media onto a new external hard drive. My few months old 2TB external has started making the clicking noise of death. So far, knock on wood, it’s still going and I’m hoping I can rescue all of the files before it finally kicks the bucket.

After a lot of failed attempts at visiting my friend, I finally managed to get there. That means I can finally post photos of my very first completed quilt. Continue reading

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Hot Messes!

Well, the craft fair is about 3 weeks away now.  Today I did nothing.  Well nothing sewing related anyway.  I have to buckle down and get some serious sewing in.  Also, my thesis proposal draft is due in 2 1/2 weeks.  I guess I should probably finish that too.  The sooner the better so I’m not stressing over that in the week leading up to the craft fair!

I was talking to Nova about favourite fabrics and I decided that I’m going to start saving squares from my favourite fabrics and once I’ve collected enough of them, I’m going to sew them all together in what I’m calling “A Hot Mess Quilt” because that’s what it’s going to look like. It doesn’t matter if the fabrics go together or not. What matters is that I’ll get a small piece of all of my favourite fabrics and I’ll get to save them forever in this crazy hot mess of a quilt. I’m not sure what size square I should hoard. I’ll definitely want to make sure I’m getting enough of each to show off the design so I suppose in some cases the squares will need to be fairly big. This should be interesting!

I patched together my first mug rug yesterday. Now I have to quilt it. I haven’t actually quilted anything before so this may also be a hot mess. Then I will bind it. I’ve never done that either. The theme will be “hot mess”. I want to finish it even though it’s not part of what I’m selling at the craft fair. Next year, if there’s a next year, I will have a lot more for sale and there will be a greater variety because I’ll have a lot more time to build up stock for it. If I was able to work a little more quickly I might have more to show for myself right now but then again, if I worked more quickly I might not finish things as well and I just can’t stand the thought of selling something that’s been sloppily finished.

Well, time to go watch some CSI Miami and eat popcorn and dream of spending my days sewing and my nights with David Caruso. Oh wait, that’s not a dream.


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oh hello there

OK, so I’m probably a little too excited about this but check out the latest post on Fat Quarterly. That’s my quilt, top row, third photo (click the photo to go to the original post).

I’m honoured to have my quilt up there with all those other beautiful quilts. Thanks Fat Quarterly!

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