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The trouble with zippers…

Today is day one of the quilt along. I’m hoping I can start cutting the pieces tomorrow as I don’t think I’ll have a chance to do it today.

I hung my ribbon rack and started to bring some fabric into the sewing room when I realized that I have a serious issue with buying fabric. Why do I have so much fabric?! It’s insane!

Anyway, as I’m putting together this sewing room and trying to come up with attractive ways to store and display things and keep it practical so that I won’t need to go digging, I’ve come across a problem. The problem is zippers. I can’t think of a practical way to store them that keeps them accessible and neat and sorted. I know this blog doesn’t really get much traffic, at least not yet, so asking anyone out there for advice on organizing and storing zippers is probably pointless but all the same, if you’re out there and you’re reading this and you have some advice, please do share.

I’ve been Googling away trying to find a neat way to store my zippers but all I keep coming up with are sites telling me how to install a zipper or just general craft storage with no practical zipper storage advice to be found. It seems silly to make a fuss about storing zippers but I’d rather not throw them all in a little plastic container if I can help it.

Ah well, back to questioning my sanity as I sort through all this fabric. Sometime this week, once my money comes in, I’m going to buy shelves to install in the closet. I took the door off today and once the shelves are up I’ll start trying to organize all this fabric and hopefully keep it neat and accessible. I’ve seen so many great ideas for fabric storage but the ones I like best would require a bigger room than I’ve got so I’ll stick with stacks on shelves for now. Maybe I should invest in some fabric boards… If they weren’t so expensive I probably would!

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working class hero

Since my bff asked me to show her photos of the sewing room I thought I’d post them here as well. I’m definitely making progress.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get the table at the first of the week. I’m going to try and find a chair that has a seat that I can recover. I should finish cutting out the curtains too so that I can sew them up. I’ll need to buy a bar before I can hang them. Right now I’m looking at the mass of fabric that I’ve got and wondering how exactly to go about organizing it so I can easily see it and get to it.

I think it’s time to go look at some photos of craft rooms for some more inspiration!

I’ve also just discovered Design*Sponge. I’ve known about the site for some time but never really took the time to look through it. Here’s a little known fact about me, when I was young I thought I might like to be an interior designer.

It’s always been so frustrating for me to have all these decorating ideas but never the money to realize them. Slowly I’m starting to acquire nicer things. I want my sewing room to finally be a room that I’ve decorated and really made it look good. Something to be proud of. It’s exciting but more than anything I can’t wait to sit in there and get to sewing!

With school starting up again, the thought that I’m going to have little time to enjoy myself sewing is really starting to get me down.

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burn my shadow away

Today I stopped by a local antique store and found a table to use for my sewing table. I (or rather my mother) put down a small down payment. I’m waiting on my pay to come in and when it does I’ll go back there and pick up the table. I’m very excited. It’s nothing fancy but it’s exactly what I wanted.

The room is almost cleared out so I can start setting it up but the heat has made it incredibly hard to do anything. I was supposed to go visit my best friend this weekend but she decided to get really sick. Since this means I’ll be home instead of away yet again, I am hoping that the room will get done this weekend.

I still have to make curtains. I have them half cut out. It might be a good idea to make them before the quilt along starts huh?

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I present to you, the sewing room!

These are the before photos. I was away last week and I’m going away for a week tomorrow so I won’t be able to start working towards “after” until I get back. I’m very excited.


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Finders Keepers

I had been looking for a small shelving unit for what will eventually be my sewing room. I had thought an old spice pantry would be perfect but I hadn’t really seen anything. The other day while my mother and I were looking for something else in the tool shed, I saw this wooden shelving unit. I asked about it and we hauled it out. It’s not 100% what I wanted but it’s certainly more than adequate. What makes it even better is that my great grandfather made it. There’s also a magazine rack that he made.

Tonight I bought some paint and I sanded down the shelving unit, though I didn’t sand it down all the way. I don’t care if it’s not perfect, I’d like it to still look a little “rough”. I put on a coat of paint and it’s back in the tool shed drying. Tomorrow I’ll put on another coat and hopefully that will do. I’ll probably wash down, sand and put a coat of paint on the magazine rack as well.

If I ever get there, my sewing room is going to be pretty awesome.

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