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Sewing Room Update

I thought I’d post some new photos of my sewing room. Not a whole lot has changed but some organization has taken place. I still need to make curtains for the room. And in fantasy world I’d have bamboo flooring!


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is there anybody out there? just nod if you can hear me…

I really wish more people followed my blog because I really want to know how other people organize and store their magnetic snaps. I have so many and I really would like a nice way to store them where I can get at them easily and keep them organized. Right now they’re all in baggies. Not exactly a pretty way to do it!


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Long Live The Geek!

As I was jotting down fabric requirements to bring with me to the fabric store I realized that I was wasting my time and not using the wonderful nerdy resources at my finger tips.

I have this program called Bento. It’s amazing. I love it. Now, if you were inclined you could simply make spreadsheets but Bento has the bonus of being visually pleasing. It also exists as an app for the iPhone. So here’s what I’m in the process of doing.

I created a new Bento library. I called it “Sewing Patterns iPhone”. This library will be synced to my phone. I created a template that exists of a title of the pattern, the pattern designer, sizes (if relevant), the category (for example, handbag or baby shoes), a required materials list, a photo of the finished product and a section to write down any suggested materials.

The purpose of this library is so that I don’t need to jot things down on scrap paper. This way, if I’m in the fabric store and I want to make a certain item, I can just open Bento on my phone and look up what I need to make that pattern. The added bonus of having it on my phone is that I can see a photo of the finished product which at times is really helpful in deciding what materials I want to use.

I’ve downloaded many sewing apps but the problem is I don’t have the ease of adding the content via my laptop and simply syncing it up to put the information on my phone. Bento isn’t free of course but it’s worth every penny in my opinion. I took a couple of screen captures so I could share what it looks like.

Bento is really easy to use and fully customizable. It comes with several templates and the website has a section where you can browse and download many other user-submitted templates. I’ve submitted a couple in my time and I’m submitting this one as well. It’s a very simple template but it’s useful for me and I’m guessing probably will be for others as well.

Unfortunately for Windows users, Bento is strictly a Mac program as far as I know. That said, you can certainly use the iPhone version if you have an iPhone, you don’t need to have the desktop version, you just won’t be able to sync up with your computer.

This is what happens when a techno-geek is also a sewing-geek!


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Hello October!

I put together one of those DIY bookcases today.  It’s been really humid all day so that might not have been the best plan.  I ended up soaking wet.  I also managed to cut my toe and I have a giant blister on my thumb.  Can you see that?  That large white part?  That’s a blister!

It was actually fairly easy to put together the bookcase for a change.  When I first opened the box, I realized I didn’t have the instructions, but I was able to find them online so it was all good.

I still have fabric that is not yet in my sewing room but at least I have room for everything now, even if it’s not quite the way I want to organize it.

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I took some shots of the sewing room. It’s coming along very nicely though I’m definitely in need of more shelves. I don’t have room to sort the fabric the way I want to either. So I’m going to have to rethink that one.

Here are some progress photos:

I lined the drawer of the desk with some scrapbook paper. I didn’t do a very good job but that’s ok. I need to get more of these plastic container things. I picked them up at the dollar store and they’re perfect!

As you can see here, the shelves are actually a bit shorter than the space. I’m hoping I can get precut shelves that will fit snugly in there but either way I don’t quite have enough room so I have to rethink my organization. That’s not all the fabric I have either…

I’ve had this bookshelf (it’s a pair, the other is in my mother’s room now) forever. They’re cheap and wobbly and not the most ideal things in the world but they work ok. I’ve still got to organize what’s on the shelves and I have many binders filled with patterns that I need to put on there if they’ll even fit. I’ve got all my sewing books on there too and some magazines as well as the patterns that I’ve purchased that aren’t pdf format patterns in that little wicker basket. I actually have a bunch more patterns that my friend Krista bought, all vintage, that are in my bedroom closet. I’m going to store them separately and who knows, maybe one day I’ll actually make some of those clothes.

I took some photos of some things that my mother found and gave to me as well. The first is a metal box that is filled with needles! If you ever want a needle, I’m your gal! Seriously, check this out, it’s crazy…

Then there was this box. It’s filled with beads and a mint condition beaded handbag. I’m going to have to teach myself to do beading next!

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