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Brand new bag

I finally made myself a bag I’ve been wanting to make for months. I used Echino fabrics for the exterior and the lining. The pattern is the Highbrow Hobo from U-Handbag.

It’s a nice bag and I really like it. There’s no inner pocket in the pattern and I really wouldn’t want a bag without one so I added a double pocket. The only part that I really had problems with was the faux piping along the top. Every time I got by the snap, it got messed up. I ended up just not doing it after ripping it out twice. There just wasn’t enough room even using the zipper foot.

If I were doing the bag again I would do the straps differently. I don’t like that the short ends have raw edges on them. I couldn’t be bothered coming up with a different way of doing them this time around but it’s definitely not something I would have left if the bag was for someone else.

I’ve gotten tons of compliments and lots of people have said they wanted my bag so I guess that’s a good sign! And here it is!

I wanted to finish the bag before I go away. I’m going to Toronto in a couple of weeks so I wanted to have it for then.

I’ve been reading a lot. I read the entire Sookie Stackhouse series in the span of 2-3 weeks. I’d read the first one a little while ago and then I read the other 9 plus the collection of short stories all this month. Since I finished them I don’t know what to read. People have tried to suggest books to me but I really am looking for something in particular, something I guess I can’t really describe but I will know it if I should ever stumble onto it.

I really enjoy the Sookie Stackhouse series. I think the writing and character development in True Blood is better but that doesn’t take away from how enjoyable the books are in the least. I really wish there were more of them so I could keep reading.

I just watched Repo Men and it was incredibly boring. I guess when you rip off your ideas from another movie you can’t really produce anything of substance. I thought I’d give it a shot even though when I saw the preview I was really not impressed that they’d copied the premise of Repo Man – The Genetic Opera completely. I’ve got to say that was probably a waste of 2 hours, it wasn’t really worth watching but since I have nothing to read I didn’t really have anything else to do!

I wish the summer would never end. I’d like to stop things right now and just stay here forever…

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What’s your favourite scary movie?

Apparently I can’t properly insert image galleries anymore. I have no idea why not but it’s not working the way it should. I was going to post photos of cats but I guess I won’t.

I purchased a Blu-Ray player yesterday. About a month ago I had seen Sin City for sale on Blu-Ray for $12.99. I knew I would eventually get a player so I picked it up and kept it for when I did. After I got my player set up yesterday, I put Sin City in to make sure it was working properly. Wow is the only word I have that describes the picture. I had no idea just how amazing it could look or what a difference it would make. Being into photography, the best way I can describe it is by comparing a matte finish photograph to one finished on pearl or metallic paper. It is stunning.

I own over 500 dvds. I like movies. I won’t replace every single dvd I own with a Blu-Ray (where one exists) but there are some movies that I definitely will replace. Anything that is visually impressive to begin with definitely needs to be replaced. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is at the top of my list as it is my favourite movie. I’ll also replace the 3 X-Men movies, the 2 new Batman movies, The Punisher, the Harry Potter movies… Basically anything that was based on a comic book, that I own, needs to be replaced on Blu-Ray. I have been putting off buying The Crow on dvd because I couldn’t find it cheap and I’m glad I did because that’s another one I’ll just buy on Blu-Ray. When True Blood season 1 is released they are releasing it on Blu-Ray as well so I’m definitely buying the Blu-Ray version of that. I love that show.

For anyone more technically inclined that might be interested, I got the Sony Blu-Ray 350. They had it for sale at Blockbuster for $249.99 which was less than Future Shop had it and seems to be significantly less than many American sites I’ve seen. My TV is a Sharp Aquos LC-32D64U. It’s a 32″ which is just fine for a TV in my bedroom. Someday when I have the money and the space, I will get a much larger TV for my living room.

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