You’re not the one…

Back in February I pre-ordered a limited edition doll.  I loved the photos of this doll.  He arrived today.  Yes today, that was one long wait.  I’d already had this sinking feeling when I saw other owner pictures and I’m afraid it was confirmed when I got him.  I don’t like him.  His head is way too small for his body.  I thought my JID had a tiny head but his is even smaller.  I don’t really know what to do so I’m not going to do anything for awhile.  I’ll keep him and stare at him and see if he grows on me.  If not, I suppose I’ll sell him.  I do like his body so I may just try to sell the head.  It sucks but what can you do?  I can’t even say live and learn because he wasn’t a spur of the moment decision.  I contemplated it for quite some time before finally making the purchase.  I guess more than anything he doesn’t fit in with my collection.  His little pinhead makes him look strange beside the others.  I hate the wig they sent with him but pinhead’s head is too small for any of the wigs I have.  They say he takes 7 but I don’t think so.  I’m going to measure his head myself.  Poor doll isn’t packing much below the waist either.  Not that it matters but they should keep things in proper proportion.   I’m hoping that a different wig will make a huge difference in my feelings but I’m not sure it will.

Whatever the case he can’t be part of “the crew” and that’s a problem.  I expected him to be the final member to complete them and he doesn’t work at all.  That means, if I want to complete them, I need another doll.  When I saw his promo pictures I thought he’d be so perfect I guess more than anything I’m disappointed that he doesn’t work.  He’s not ugly by any means.  He just isn’t right.  I should cry about it where other doll owners will give me virtual pats on the back but I can’t even bring myself to post in DOA and say what happened and how I feel.  Since basically no one reads this blog I’ll just kvetch here instead.  Poor me, how I suffer!


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  1. Kelli

    Well I have to tell you…someone reads your blog, lol. I just found this today but find it pretty darn interesting. So I’m just too curious…what happened to the poor rejected guy? What was he? Did you get another one? I really truly sympathize ’cause I know what waiting and planning, etc can do to us. Anyway please post more. (I’m waiting for a JID I now).

  2. Jen

    He’s still with me but still quite rejected. He sits alone and I continuously think about selling him. I got another doll to fill those shoes, a JID. I’ll post a photo. I’m glad someone’s reading this! 😉 LOL

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