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I put up a little widget over there on the left.  I decided to join Goodreads and they have a “reading challenge” where you can set a goal for however many books you want to read by the end of the year and then log them as you read them.  It’s mindless but nerdy fun. I just joined and set the goal at 20 and in that time since I’ve joined I’ve read 8 books.  To be fair several were manga and those read extremely fast.  But they’re books and they count.

I finished all of the books in the Alex Cross series and I really enjoyed it so now I’m trying to find something in a similar vein that I will be able to devour.  Summer just wouldn’t be summer without something to read in the sun!

I got a weird request to add personal information to my blog that I don’t want to add in order to not be confused with someone by the same name.  Honestly I would think my eloquent posts would actually work in anyone’s favour not against them.  Surely more so than a photo I was able to access a person pointing a gun into the face of another person.  Perhaps it’s just my giant ego talking but I hold 2 university degrees (and am working on a third), am a licensed teacher, and am able to construct sentences with proper grammar.  Who wouldn’t want to be mistaken for me?  I’m only half kidding.  I do apologize to the person in question but it was a bizarre request that I am not able to fulfill.  I do wish you luck!  There are worse things to be mistaken for than a gay manga reading, doll collecting, university graduate (twice over – did I mention that?), I’m sure!

Well, I need to put the sheets back on my bed and then I think I’ll probably read some more.  No, not gay manga!  I’m actually reading The Black Echo by Michael Connolly.  Slow build that could have potentially lost me but it’s starting to pick up now.  My attention span is not what it used to be and I need a lot of rapid action or I get bored.

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