Another day older…

It’s been awhile.  I do apologize.  I have no excuse.  I’m just lazy.  I spend all of my free time reading manga.  That isn’t even a joke.  But, the weather here has changed and it’s starting to get warmer.  It’s pulling me up out of the winter blues funk.  Unfortunately I seem to be having back problems again.  I think I have done something terrible to it because it hurts a lot when I move even the slightest bit.  So I’m trying not to do that.

I’ve been neglecting my sewing completely.  Every night I think, tomorrow I will go to my sewing room and create something wonderful.  Then tomorrow comes and I sit around reading manga after I finish up with my work.  Go figure.

My birthday has come and gone.  It doesn’t matter how old I am!  Old enough.  I did get a wonderful surprise this year.  The weekend before my birthday I got a text from my best friend (the one who moved away) saying “Hi” or probably “Dude” since that’s usually how she starts off her texts to me.  I sent back “Yo” because that is my standard reply.  Then she texted back with a photo of my house.  I immediately started to cry as I leaped from my bed and ran up the stairs (incurring a horrible muscle cramp as I did) and ran to the front door where she was getting out of her jeep.  Many more tears followed.  I don’t really like pictures of myself in general and especially since I’ve put on weight but this sums up my reaction (I am the short one).


It was so nice to be able to spend a few days with her though it was also much too short. It goes without saying that I miss her. I’m not sure what month it was that we first met, only that it was summer, but sometime this summer will mark 30 years of friendship. That’s a long time.

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