New kid in town…

Well more like a man really.  He came a little while ago.  I haven’t been very good about blogging but here’s a photo.

Iplehouse EID Dexter

He’s a big boy, just over 2 feet tall.  He’s an Iplehouse EID Dexter with “real skin” (that’s the colour of his skin) and on a superhero body.  He’s also really heavy.

For comparison sake, I took a picture of him next to a Barbie.  Since I assume pretty much everyone is familiar with the size of a Barbie it would put him into proper context.

Barbie and Iplehouse EID Dexter

Barbie is a Barbie Basics rebodied on the Elvis Barbie body.   The Dexter has the basic face-up A from Iplehouse.  The outfit he’s wearing is also from Iplehouse.  The Barbie is wearing a top and skirt from Clear-Lan and Christian Louboutin shoes.

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