The needle tears a hole…

I mentioned the Flickr pouch swap a couple of posts down.  Well I got my partner and then the panic set in.  I didn’t know what to do and nothing seemed like it would be good enough.  I actually got so stressed out I had an asthma attack and that’s really kind of funny.  I have an idea now and I’ll start working on it tomorrow.  I really hope my partner likes it.  It’s a really talented bunch in that group and I’m honored that I was asked to join the group and participate and more than a little intimidated about measuring up!

This morning I went to a hand quilting class at a local quilt shop.  I had a vague idea of what to do but I find it’s always best to have someone show you.  I had wanted to hand quilt something for a gift but I also wanted to give the gift this year so I probably won’t do that.  I will say that my aversion to thimbles has not let up.  I like looking at them but I find it nearly impossible to do any sewing with one on my finger.  It messes me up.  I can’t feel what I’m doing and I go by feel.  That said, did you know it was possible to ram the eye of a needle into your finger?  Well it is.  Luckily I didn’t get any blood on my little practice project because I’m using Kona Snow as my fabric.

I have some gifts and things that I would like to make but I also want to start creating some stock for my Etsy shop and with the Bostford Craft Bazaar in mind this December.  I don’t want to be down to the wire like last year, stressed because of all the time I wasted.  I’d really like to turn this into more than a casual hobby.  Right now I work from home (and I’m also supposed to be working on a Master’s degree).  If I could find a way to supplement what I currently make, I could relax and continue to work from home like I’ve always wanted.  I’m not naive.  I have no notions of sewing for a living.  I’d just like to make some steady sales.

Here’s to a productive tomorrow!

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