Bright sunshiney day

On Monday morning I’m going to take a hand quilting class.  I’m going by myself which is always slightly intimidating for me.  I don’t know why, after all I went back to university as a “mature” student and when I went, I knew no one there so surely a 2 1/2 hour hand quilting class shouldn’t intimidate me but all the same it does.  I’m silly that way.

I’ve got to gather up the rest of the supplies I need.  If I can muster up some energy, I’ll do that now.  I’m looking forward to the class.  I’ve been doing some embroidery and I did hand sew the binding on the quilt I made for Matthew so I’m not going into this completely new, thankfully.

I’ve also joined a Flick swap.  You can see the button on the right.  This is my first swap.  I’ve done gift exchanges on the private site that I work for but this is something new and I’m really excited.  I should find out who my partner is soon and I can get started on their pouch.

The warm weather is starting to tease its arrival and I’m already feeling much lighter and happier.   Here’s to lots of sunshine this Spring/Summer.

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