Brand new day

Hello world.  I spent the weekend with my best friend and her husband.  I had a good time but I still wish she’d just magically move back here.  It’s hard accepting the changes and the fact that part of the future you imagined is gone.

Ah but I didn’t decide to post today to talk about sad things.  Instead I wanted to mention that my favourite indie pattern designer is at it again.  That’s right, Keyka Lou has a new pattern and it’s just awesome.  I look forward to giving it a try.

Ditty Bag Pattern by Keyka Lou/Image copyright Keyka Lou

You can buy it here or by clicking the Keyka Lou link on the right.  Her patterns are always well presented and easy to follow and I highly recommend them.

I’m off to face the rest of the day.  Fingers crossed that it’s going to bring good news.  Some stuff going on that I’d like to see have a good outcome.  The days are finally starting to get warmer and I can’t wait to sit in the sunshine again.

Oh and I just started using Google Friend Connect.  If you want to add me, the button is at the bottom of the left column.

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