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I managed to sew up 10 of the blocks for the quilt along. I also went out and picked up some more of those plastic drawer organizer things for the drawer of my sewing machine table and a few other odds and ends. I also had to stand in line for about 20 minutes at Michaels even though 3 cashes were open and there were about 5-6 customers waiting. Not fun.

I’ve been trying to figure out what else I need for the sewing room. I definitely, absolutely, need more shelves. I’ve been thinking of getting another bookcase, a taller, narrower one. I just need to find something that I can afford that is suited to what I need. Other than that, I don’t really “need” much else. I’m going to make curtains for the room at some point. I may recover an old chair and use that in there though for now I’m using a spare kitchen chair. I also want to get an iPod speaker dock for in there so I don’t have to bring my laptop up there and find a place to plug it in and where it’s out of the way. Inevitably, if it’s up there, it will end up being a distraction anyway so I’d rather just not have it in the room. The speaker dock can wait though since I need one that is compatible with an iPhone and the cheap ones don’t seem to be.

I want to make gifts for the holiday gift giving season this year. I have a rough idea of what I want to make for some people and it’s boiling down to an issue of time management at this point. I’ve been avoiding it all summer but we’re halfway into September now and I really can’t void my thesis anymore. I need to start working on it. I guess I really need to start planning my days out and sticking to what I set out to do. Right now I’m waking up too late, I get myself going and I immediately go to my computer. I read my emails, I read my blogs that I follow and I end up on Facebook, reading posts and commenting and basically just screwing around until I finally say “hey, you need to get your ass in gear and get dressed!”

I don’t think an outside job would be good for me right now. I have so much I want and need to get done and only so much energy I can give to doing anything in a given day. If I had to go out for 8 hours I wouldn’t be able to do anything when I came home. I keep thinking about that and worrying about it but really I should just worry about the now and cross the “going to work outside the house” bridge when I get to it.

So, I work every day. I’m thinking about allotting myself certain days to focus on my thesis and not let myself sew on those days. I have my quilt along quilt that I need to work on. I’d like to make those curtains for my sewing room. I have some things people have requested I make for them, that I need to do (though I think they’ll have to wait until after the quilt top is finished). Then I have the gifts I want to make. I need to sit down and make a list of the people I want to give to and what I intend to make then figure out how much time these things will take and start working on them. The last thing I want to be doing is rushing in December because I’ve run out of time.

That was a good long ramble. I might take a few photos of my quilt blocks later or I may wait until tomorrow. If only I had the energy that everyone else has, maybe I’d be able to get more done. I suppose it doesn’t do me any good to wish for something I can’t have and instead continue to try and find ways to deal with only having the energy to do things in short bursts. The sleep specialist I saw suggested that I needed to start napping every day. I don’t really want to do that and I’m not sure if it would help or make things worse.

Ah well! So it goes. I know one thing for sure. I miss my best friend like crazy. I hate that she’s not here. I can’t wait until I go see her in about 2 1/2 weeks. I can’t believe it’s been so long and did I mention that I hate this? I’m lonely…

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