Quilt Along

Here are some progress photos from the Fat Quarterly quilt along. I never realized how hard trying to match up colour blocks would be!


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  1. You know, if I’d realized how cute the squares would be with different centers, I’d have skipped cutting 80 squares of kona white! There are some little squares that are just too cute to go on the sides, but…since I’ve already cut the center squares from white…I suppose I’ll stick to the plan! Plus – less thinking involved!

    Yours is looking great!

  2. Jen

    Thanks! I bet yours will look really nice with all white middles though! I’m anxious to see it.

    I definitely stressed out for awhile trying to fit in the centers but I’ve actually started to sew now so I’m committed!

  3. Joy

    The squares look very cute! I love the blue and brown ones 🙂

  4. Jen

    The one with the blue and green flowers on brown is my favourite of them all I think. They really pop.

    Only 30 blocks left to sew!

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