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So I’m very overdue on some kind of update here.  Also, I think Alex might be reading, so hello Alex!  Your guilt trip didn’t work but just in case you are stalking my blog I figured I’d give you a shout out.  😉

Today was the last day of my internship.  I was not prepared for how heartbroken I would feel when I left.  I didn’t want to leave.  Sure it’s nice to be home for the weekend but next week, I have no place to go.  I wish my internship had have been for the entire term.  That way at least I could have stayed until everyone was going for summer break and it wouldn’t have felt so much like I was abandoning them.  Not that they aren’t in good hands, they are, the best even, but I still feel like I’ve abandoned them.  I like them so much and they made me smile every day, not having that next week, not seeing them, is going to be really hard.  I feel really fortunate that I got to know them all.  9 English and Poli Sci.  I’m the lucky one and they probably don’t realize how much they taught me or how much respect I have for them.  What an incredible bunch of human beings.  The world better be ready, these kids are about to take it by storm.

So here I am, Friday night and I’m in my pjs.  It’s an exciting life.  Non-stop action.  I just watched a movie, Freedom Writers to be exact, and now I’m just chillin’ as my students would say.  My knees are killing me and I’ll be going to the doctor about that on Wednesday.  They seem to be getting worse and worse and especially my left one has been making walking difficult and causing me a lot of pain, more than I care to admit.  Perhaps I should cut them off, who needs knees?

Tomorrow I’m going to watch a rugby game.  I’d like to pull out the sewing machine too.  I haven’t had a chance to sew in the last few weeks.  I haven’t had a chance to do much of anything, really.  I’ve started grad school.  My graduation from the education program is on May 27th.  Lots going on, I suppose.  I am thinking I should throw myself a graduation party.  Which really just means I will try and get the fantastic 4 together for dinner or coffee or something.  My “party” days are done and the 27th is close enough to Kate’s birthday that I don’t want to go too crazy and “party” twice in the span of 2 weeks.  Crazy talk.  Still, graduation party has a nice ring to it.  I think I’ll start plotting…


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  1. Your Fav. Poli Sci Student

    HAHA, i was thinking of you today in Poli Sci. Our Last day just didn’t seem right without you. We miss you!
    Hope you are getting that paper done!
    Have a good summer! Enjoy the sun

    Love the shout out!

  2. Jen

    Wow, last day of classes already! That’s nuts. I miss you guys too, a lot! I miss the interesting debates you all had in that class.

    Let us not speak of the paper… 🙂

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