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My blog has been a little messed up since a certain person was given access to admin functions where it’s hosted and they didn’t know what they were doing.  It’s not a bad thing to not know what you’re doing but it is a bad thing to pretend you do and mess stuff up.  Anyway, thanks to this I can’t upload photos at the moment while I wait for the person who does know what they’re doing to get a chance to fix the mess.  I am so grateful to have him, it’s such a nice change from being insulted on a regular basis.

Anyway, what I was trying to post were photos of my latest sewing creation.  It’s a little bubble pouch and the pattern comes from Keyka Lou Patterns, who I seem to be stalking.  I think her patterns are wonderful.  I realized I’d sewn the button on in entirely the wrong place last night so I fixed it right away and it’s super cute.  You’ll see for yourselves soon.

I’ve added a few sewing related blogs to my Blogroll.  They’re blogs that I go to regularly for whatever reason, mostly inspiration.  I’ve been dying to learn to screen print and embroider but I still have about a month to go of my teaching internship and until that’s finished, I just don’t have the time to learn something new.  I’m anxious though.

I feel like I wasted this long weekend.   I really haven’t done much.  I completely lost Friday because I wasn’t feeling well all day.  I was supposed to go out for coffee this afternoon but that got canceled because it’s storming and my friend couldn’t get out of her driveway.  I feel kind of sad about it.  I really just wanted to get out.  I’m going to go try to make a camera case for my mother now.

I had actually intended to sew a purse for my friend Kate this weekend.  The pieces are all cut out and I just needed to cut out the interfacing, so I started and then I realized I didn’t have enough left.  So I went out and drove to the other side of the city, to the fabric store and they were sold out of that kind.  I’ve had to set the bag aside for now since I don’t think it’s a good idea to use different interfacing on half the bag.  If it was just the straps it wouldn’t be a big deal but it’s one side of the bag and the straps.  Lame.

I have a fat quarter from Spoonflower that I want to use for a bag for another friend, I may try to get that ready to go this weekend, so I can just start working on it next weekend.  It would have been nice if I’d done it sooner and could have mailed it so she’d have it before her birthday on the 18th, but that’s life.

When the photo issue gets fixed, I’ll post the photos of the pouch.

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