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I had made this a few weeks ago but it was a gift for someone so I didn’t want to post it before, just in case.  Here are some photos:

The pattern comes from Keyka Lou and I’m assured it is a hit.  I was sick this weekend (and still am) so I didn’t go to the birthday dinner, just had the gift dropped off.

I have many projects lined up and I’m really anxious to get started on them.  I’ve also finally figured out what bag I want to make with the wonderful fabric I bought for myself.  So if I ever get a chance to make something for myself, it’s going to be awesome.

I’ve got 2 bags and some baby stuff that I want to tackle next.   I’m also thinking about making a tabbed curtain to hang over my closet.  I don’t have a closet door and it would be a nice way of hiding that mess.  My entire room needs a clean sweep and I really need an established sewing area.  Maybe after I’m finished my internship I can work on clearing out a sewing space.  The only problem is, it has to be in the basement and I really would much rather be upstairs where there is lots of light and what not.

I got a book on hand printing.  I’m super anxious to try some of it out, though I think I’ll have to wait on the screen printing.  I see Michaels is now carrying a screen printing kit/machine thing but it’s $400.  Too bad.  I’m hoping over the long Easter weekend I’ll have time to try printing on some fabric with a stencil or something.  Though I haven’t been able to get some solid coloured linen yet.  I did get 1 meter, that was all that was left, of a brown one, but I was really wanting a beige or off-white of some kind.  I’ve got to get over to the “other” Fabricville.  The one by me is closing soon and having huge sales, which means it’s crazy busy and running out of everything.  I want to go to the non-sale store and look for some things I want.  I haven’t been there since when I first got my sewing machine and before I’d ever made anything with it.  Which was all of a month ago.  Ha ha! 🙂

Well, that’s all folks!

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